Accounting most difficult college major

Accounting most difficult college major

Most college students are terrible writers, at least incoming. Accounting is probably the most challenging business degree. I never had a.
In your experience is the study of Accounting in college really that hard? In comparison to other degrees i had friends in, it was more difficult.
The most popular bodybuilding message boards! managment, finance and economics class and I think accounting is the hardest business ralated major. .. And same at my university, it's not part of the college of business.

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Accounting involves simple math. Those who can pick new things up quick are the ones who do well in Accounting. But those are not where my skills and interests lie. Colleges With Paleontology Graduate Programs.. While becoming a CPA requires more work, it will enable you to perform more tasks, such as reviewing statements or representing clients before the IRS. The Road Less Traveled I was reflecting on my path the other day, and I decided that it is time to share my story with WSO. But for those majoring in social work, coursework and clinical demands can be intense. Accounting most difficult college major

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Hardest to stay awake: Taxation II.. Generally, such comparisons should be taken with a grain of salt and not used as the sole determining factor for, or against, the academic program of your choice. And I hear that's typical for most people at my school. I'll be taking intro to accounting next semester. Decided to take an undergrad Finance course called, "Investment Analysis. Yes some classes are more difficult than others but it is attainable as long as you dedicate your time to doing it. Another thing is, Accounting requires many hours of studying that most students aren't used too.
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