Princeton university majors writing template paper

princeton university majors writing template paper

On a separate page you should certify that "This paper represents my own work any special assistance or support that you received in writing your thesis. For example: . For additional guidance and examples of Chicago-style documentation, see Footnotes made easy: a guide for history majors (link is external), which.
Junior Papers and Senior Thesis. Research/Advising flexible program plan. Our Astronomy Majors -- typically 10 to 15 students -- have access to In addition, we now know, for example, of dense stars that consist almost entirely of.
All mathematics majors are expected to take a junior seminar during at least one semester of their junior year. the end of the second week of the term in which they are writing the junior paper. Junior papers are due by the university deadline for junior independent work A LaTeX template for senior theses is available at. princeton university majors writing template paper

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Generally speaking, anything worth saying at all is worth saying in the text. Come with whatever you've got—an assignment, ideas, rough notes, or a partial or full draft. Jump to navigation Your thesis must be printed or typewritten in black-letter type upon plain white paper any kind of paper is acceptable. If the material in one or more paragraphs is all derived from a single work, put your footnote at the end of the section containing this material. Submission : A hardcover bound copy on regulation bond is due in the English office by noon. Writing Center conferences complement, but do not replace, the relationships students have with their teachers and advisors. This might involve deriving equations, checking magnitudes, etc. Usually these take the form of a general evaluation of your work, but you may find that a reader has prepared more detailed comments about particular points of substance and style. Is there an attempt to apply undergraduate physics to the problem? Shaevitz ASAP if there is trouble afoot so we can do damage control quickly! Single-space each item with double-spacing between items and sections of the bibliography. If a single sentence or paragraph contains material from a number of sources, the sources may all be cited in the same footnote, separated by semicolons. APA Style: Title Page, Running Head, and Section Headings
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